Hutch is a nickname from Team In Training. I blog and vlog about running, healthy actions and living simply.



Alright, the 20 Days of Nourishment ended yesterday.

This Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, I’ll be on Twitter to chat with others about how it went on hashtag #HowINourish. Follow me @RunningHutch.

Taking the time to log what I feed my mind, body and spirit for 20 days was more challenging than expected. My goal was to get a read on how well I’m taking care of my whole self. I definitely found…

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Moxie Video & Bully Stick Review

Moxie Video & Bully Stick Review

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that is where I unleash the over sharing of all things Moxie. She’s now 4 months old and we’re settling into our role as fur parents pretty well.

Just for kicks, here is a VIDEO (not still frame photos) of Moxie from the day we brought her home at 8 weeks old to…well, yesterday. She’s 4 months old now!


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Run Dumbs | The Mental Part of Running

Run Dumbs | The Mental Part of Running

I ran two races in July. One was an evil, horrible, awful 5k. The other was an amazing, wonderful, fun trail marathon relay (I ran 5.25 miles). The main difference between the two is that I won the mental battle in the relay. We all experience some form of running mind games. Some know it as “mental will” or “The Blerch”. I know it as the “Run Dumbs”.

Overcoming the Run Dumbs

Can you believe these were all faces I made…

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Rough Starts | More Than Miles

Rough Starts | More Than Miles

Rough Starts is a blog series sharing stories of bad first marathon experiences and the runners who decided to try again.


The fifth edition of Rough Starts features Amber of PB and PRs.

2014-7-22-roughstart-amber1I love Amber’s story. She found out the hard way that marathon training involves a lot more than simply putting in the miles. 

10 years ago, Amber was a cross country and track runner, but now this peanut…

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My, what a happy day! Thanks for the photos, @seesharprun1! @inknburn @officialmauijim #GPTMRelay

My, what a happy day! Thanks for the photos, @seesharprun1! @inknburn @officialmauijim #GPTMRelay

Working Out at Redefining Strength | Costa Mesa

Working Out at Redefining Strength | Costa Mesa

What does “strength” mean to you?

Does it mean a 300lb deadlift? A marathon? A pull up?

To trainer Cori Lefkowith, these are all valid definitions of strength and admirable goals to have.! I was contacted by Sweat Pink about visiting Cori’s training facility, Redefining Strength, in Costa Mesa, CA and writing a review about it. I immediately loved the name of the place and was excited to get my…

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Rough Starts | Starting Fast

Rough Starts Featuring @RunningLimitless

Rough Starts is a blog series sharing stories of bad first marathon experiences and the runners who decided to try again.RoughStartsHeader

The fourth edition of Rough Starts features Lacy of Running Limitless.

2014-7-15-rough-lacy3Kiawah Marathon

My first marathon was one that I had signed up for years ago and wasn’t able to run it then due to school commitments. It was sort of my redemption! I have wanted to run the Kiawah Marathon…

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Up And Running Again

Up And Running Again

You may have heard of an organization called Back On My Feet, which started in 2007 at a rescue mission in Philadelphia. Well, in 2009, Up and Running Againstarted at a rescue mission in Orange County, California. The programs are similar in that they both empower participants through running. Many of the participants are homeless, living in shelters, and struggle to find or keep a job. If you…

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7 of 20 Days of Nourishment

7 of 20 Days of Nourishment


I love how I plan on doing a 20 Day of Nourishment Challenge and promptly get sick. The sickest I’ve been in a really long time. How am I supposed to log how I nourish my mind, body, and spirit…when all I can do is lay on the couch, sip some sparkling water, and try not to literally cough up a lung? Here is how the first 7 days of my nourishment challenge have gone so far.

Day 1: Total Score = 51

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Rough Starts | Marcia & Melissa

#RoughStarts | Stopped At Mile 22

Rough Starts is a series of posts featuring stories of bad first marathons and the people who found a reason to keep running!

The 3rd edition of Rough Starts features TWO other running bloggers, Marcia & Melissa!


Marcia is a stay-at-home-mom who, as part of a mid-life challenge, decided to run a marathon for kicks. She didn’t plan on it becoming a hobby, but it did. She QUALIFIED FOR BOSTON at…

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Fighting Sickness

Before I get started, I wanted to share a Moxie photo.

2017-7-7-moxie-sleepingWe stayed home on July 4th to watch movies and make sure Moxie wasn’t upset about the fireworks. We live in one of 5 local cities that actually allow people to set off fireworks. Turns out, she was not impressed. In fact, Moxie seems more bothered by the garbage truck driving by than she did the booms and crackles of the fireworks.

Also an…

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Four Finds For the 4th: Fun Run Gear

Four Finds For the 4th: Fun Run Gear #rungear #fitfluential #sweatpink #4thofjuly

Happy 4th of July!

This morning I’m running my very last race as a 20-something. I don’t know how I feel about that. I DO know that I’m excited to run the Surf City 5k because it is a really great event. Lots of red, white and blue and folks who are pre-gaming the parade cheer for the runners as we go by. I think it’s the most spectated 5k I’ve ever ran!

Now that I’m back to doing races I wanted…

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The Tiki Runner

It’s not even 9 AM on a Thursday and I’ve managed to chase down a runner in my truck AND be that creepy stranger who waves a kid over to said truck to ask him a question. Why all the suspicious behavior? Because…the Tiki Runner! Let me explain.

I need the truck today to pick my Surf City 5k bib for tomorrow. This means that I had to drop the husband off at work with his bike. One car family,…

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Sea Buckthorn Summer Drinks

Sea Buckthorn Summer Drinks

Watch out, Acai, there’s a new berry in town! Actually, Sea Buckthorn isn’t new at all, but the health benefits of this little berry are getting a lot of attention these days! So, what is Sea Buckthorn and how can you use it to drink to your health this summer?

The first time I ever heard of Sea Buckthorn was when I read the ingredient list of a drink I was sipping at True Food Kitchen. I was…

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Ragnar Wasatch Back | From the Caboose

Ragnar Wasatch Back | From the Caboose #RagnarWasatchBack #Nuunjas


I picked a pretty epic race for my return from injury and over a year of no races at all. I ran a total of 12.2 miles for one of the hardest long distance relays, in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Though I battled exhaustion, allergies, humiliation by altitude, and runner’s trots, it was a great experience. Nuun Hydrationput together a team of rad runners, of which I was the…

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