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The Great Puppy Vote

The Great Puppy Vote

Alright, ladies and gentleman, it is time. Puppy pick weekend is upon us! Next Saturday morning I will pick a little doggie diva to hug and kiss and love forever and ever! Which one will I pick?Help me out by voting on which pup should be in the running (heehee) to be My Next Running Buddy!

8 pups are still in the running!

8 pups are still in the running!

I have given each pup a nickname to make it easier to vote. These are not…

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RRCA Coaching Certification Recap

RRCA Coaching Certification Recap

I’ve wanted to do the RRCA Coaching Certification Course for a while. Why? Same reason I wanted to do the CrossFit L1 Training Course. I wanted to hear from the “experts.” I wanted something official to qualify me as a coach. I wanted to learn how to train myself better as well. This last weekend I finally did it and now I’m going to tell you all about it.

Thanks to You

Before I share anything…

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Running Rachel is Run This Year

Running Rachel is Run This Year

Running Rachel is a very important part of Team RTY! Not only does she help post on our Facebook page but she also helps us get great sponsors! So make sure you thank her!


Running Rachel What is YOUR Run This Year goal?

My Run This Year goal is to run the year in kilometers… 2014 kilometers!

When did you start running and why?

I was a very active and wiggle-filled youth.  When I was younger and…

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RTY March Report

Hey Run This Year folks!
Here is the INITIAL March Monthly Mileage Report.
I’m sure it’s not perfect but we can easily fix any errors or omissions:

  • Click here to request ADD yourself to the March Report.
  • Click here to request to FIX your total in the March Report.

So find your name on the list, click a few linked names to congratulate your fellow runners, and stay tuned for some details on the…

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Linky Linky | April Blog Break

Linky Linky | April Blog Break

So, this week I’m heading out of town for 6 days to see family and go through the RRCA Coaching Certification Program! Consequently I’m not going to be blogging. Don’t worry, though, I’ll still be working on RTY behind the scenes stuff like mileage reports and whatnot.

Linky Linky

Anyway, I thought I’d do a little linky linky to some posts I like! See you next week!

Some of Mine:

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Run This Year April 2014

Run This Year April 2014

Alright, if you haven’t already heard about the RTY April Instagram Challenge, today is the day to start on it! Aside from that, Run This Year has a lot going on with the start of the second quarter of 2014!

  1. A new and not yet finished!
  2. Quarter 2: Strength Running Giveaway
  3. Profile: Meet Jason Fitzgerald

I will do my best to get the March Mileage Report up by March 10th, as well as…

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Race Entry Winner!

Hey ladies, I know you are anxious to hear who won the free race entry into the SoCal Wine Country Women’s Half Marathon! 

Don’t forget THERE IS A 5K as well as a half marathon, and the discount code below is good for either event! So if you didn’t win, you can still join the party! Click here to register.

2014-3-13-racediscountAND THE WINNER IS… Buffy A.

[Buffy will be contacted via the email provided.
If I get no…

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I’m in a tournament!

Women running bloggers from all over are going head to head in the first ever (that I’m aware of) tournament! Bloggers will compete one-on-one to see who will advance to the next round and eventually, the final champion will be discovered! Round 1 is already underway.

What am I talking about?
I wish I was talking about a really cool sporting event where runners race each other or something. Not…

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RTY: April Instagram Challenge

RTY: April Instagram Challenge

Before I spring into April Awesomeness, here is some March house-cleaning business.
The following giveaways/discounts are ending and I want to make sure you know about it!

Race Entry Giveaway

Ladies, click here to enter to win a free race entry into the SoCal Wine Country Women’s Trail Half Marathon! This giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight! However, the 10% off discount for the 5k or half…

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Bryanna is Run This Year!

Bryanna is Run This Year!

Time for another post on a wonderful runner, blogger, and member of the Run This Year team!

Bryanna blogs at Wholesomely Fit and she blew RTY 2013 out of the water when it comes to total yearly mileage! She’ll do it again this year, no doubt! I have loved the energy Bryanna brings to Run This Year, not to mention her stellar advice on running high mileage!


Let’s get to know Bryanna a little…

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Running Around a New Neighborhood

Running Around a New Neighborhood

We move into our new place on Saturday and this morning I went for my first run around the neighborhood! 3.6 miles of mostly running, some periodic walking. I discovered a few good-to-know things:

  1. The large green area on the map near our home is actually a cemetery. Won’t be running there.
  2. The smaller green area on the map is a good park for out future puppy, but also comes with…

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Moving, Puppies, Running Shirts

Moving, Puppies, Running Shirts

As of this post, I live less than 2 miles from here:


Yup, it’s a hard life I live in Southern California…. No, it’s not.

Anyway, I’m moving this Saturday, about 4 miles further away from the beach. I’m so thankful it’s just a short little move! While my husband is feeling anxious to get the move over with, I feel like it’s all well in hand.

We’ve eaten through most of our food (cupboards,…

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Ashley is Run This Year!

Ashley is Run This Year! #RunThisYear

Hi! Thanks for reading this! I realize I don’t say that enough. There are SO many things to do in a day and if you’re going to read a blog, there are endless choices. I really appreciate you clicking through here, reading, commenting, and being part of my little world.


Hosting the Run This Year challenge has been crazy & fun so far this year. Internet citizens are stilllearn…

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Training with PEAR Sports

Training with @PEARSports #PearSports #FitFluential #WhatPushesYou

What’s so great about heart rate based training? This has long been a question of mine, especially since I often wonder if my intensity level is high enough. I see people running with those chest straps and giggle at them, but secretly wonder if that might be the key to unleashing my inner Deena Kastor. When an opportunity to try out a heart rate based training program came up…I JUMPED at it!


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Why Treadmill Runners are Better Than Me

Why Treadmill Runners are Better Than Me

I know. I’m a lucky spoiled princess who lives in the sun and never needs to use a treadmill in order to run. At worst, I might have to run in the rain in like, 55 degrees or something. But then there are those days when I do use a treadmill…and I’m reminded why treadmill runners are to be revered. Here are my top 3 reasons why treadmill runners are better than me.

If I want to run on a treadmill, I have to go to The Sweat Box. There is one treadmill and one elliptical in there. Oh, and a full length mirror for funsies.

If I want to run on a…

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