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All About BlogFest 2014

All About BlogFest 2014

So, I’m looking at a crap ton of photos and notes, business cards and swag from last week’s BlogFest and IDEAworld extravaganza…and I don’t know where to begin.

I’m going to try to give you the BEST pieces of what I learned/heard…
in addition to why you should come next year…
with a bit of war-story bragging about the massive amount of muscle shredding.

Deep breath. Here we go.BlogFest Gets…

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9 Bloggers To Read

9 Bloggers To Read

Over 3 days at BlogFest I met new-to-me bloggers. Oh how I wish I could have met everyone AND had more time to get to know everyone! The great news is that I can continue to get to know these awesome people through their blogs and social media channels! Here are 9 health/fitness bloggers to check out!

1. Runnin Rocker

Runnin Rocker, aka Diane, blogs about running, racing, training, working out,…

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Bar Hopping with KIND

Bar Hopping with KIND

2014-8-18-Disclosure StatementNo, I’m not frequenting any seedy establishments selling booze. Today I’m talking about food bars. I can’t deny the convenience of a food bar when life happens and time for real food prep is scarce. I like variety, so I hop between different brands of bars that I like for different reasons, which I’ll share with you now.

2-degrees-bar2 Degrees Barsare quite similar to Lara Bars, IMHO. Ingredients are well…

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Giving Myself the Opportunity

Giving Myself the Opportunity #ideaworld #blogfest #sweatpink

This pas weekend I attended the first IDEA BlogFest, where many familiar and new-to-me fitness bloggers got together to learn, sweat, and make awesome memories. I’ll be piecing out details in my upcoming posts, but I have to start with sharing my biggest Aha! moments. These little clips came from several different people, but they all bring up one truth:

In order to succeed, to be my best me, I…

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The Run Factor: Zero 2 Superhero

The Run Factor: Zero 2 Superhero #runningstories

Imagine your life on as a timeline. On your timeline is a series of turning points, decisions and events that have shaped the course of your journey to now. For many of you, the decision to start running is an important landmark on your timeline. Running has a way of changing how we see things. The ongoing decision to run influences who you are. It’s what I call the The Run Factor.


I’m sharing a…

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A Cook Book Signing with Lorna Jane

A Cook Book Signing with Lorna Jane! #livelovenourish @FitApproach

I just keep running into Lorna Jane!

2014-8-12-lorna-janeOkay, well the truth is I keep attending her events at their beautiful Santa Monica store. In January it was a PR event to hear Lorna Jane share about her philosophy on life and passion for the Move.Nourish.Believe movement.

This last weekend, the event was a book signing for her latest NOURISH Cook Book.

2014-8-12-the-bookFull Disclosure: As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I received…

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Active Living Challenge | Week 1

Social media photo challenges: they can be so much fun…and also hard work. I’m currently trying to keep up with the…

Active Living Challenge | Week 1

Social media photo challenges: they can be so much fun…and also hard work. I’m currently trying to keep up with the…

Hungry Runners and Blue Diamond Almonds

Hungry Runners and Blue Diamond Almonds

Disclosure StatementThere are two kinds of runners. the eating runner, the running eater

Run To Eat or Eat to Run?

No matter which kind of runner you are, you get hungry. I bet your body wants snacks between meals. I bet you also like to eat really tasty things. I totally support enjoying a treat every now and then, which is I why I like snack-sized treats.

A “snack”, by definition, is a SMALL amount of food. If I’m going to have a treat, why not make…

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Daydreaming About Running

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, I will put this out there.

Sometimes I daydream about running.

Does anyone else do that?

Obviously I can’t run all the time so, a significant part of my week is spent…well, not running.

Right now I’ve put any running on hold to make sure my hip flexor/groin area isn’t going to be a long term problem. It’s been six days since my last run and I have found myself…

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The Facts of Running and Groin Pains

The Facts of Running and Groin Pains

I started this year coming back from a foot injury. Started from scratch. I jogged 1/4 of a mile on January 1st and over the following months built up to a mile, then two, then three. The past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve finally got running back! No foot pains, two races under my belt, and running several days a week!

Yesterday, I got hit with a good dose of the facts of life running.

“You take…

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Run with me in Anaheim on Aug 14th

Run with me in Anaheim on Aug 14th

August is going to be an exciting month! I have the IDEA World fitness convention as well as a trip to Napa Wine Country with my girlfriends. Also, there is Blogfest (at IDEA World) where I’ll get to hang out with a lot of my favorite health and fitness bloggers from all over! I’m also co-hosting a group run with Jamie King , founder of FitApproach! 

2014-8-5-headerJoin me for a fun run!

Thursday, August 14th @…

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Trail Shoe Review: Wave Kazan

Trail Shoe Review: Wave Kazan #BlazeNewTrails

Trail running shoes. Most of us start as road runners and as we move toward trails we get excited about the idea of new and specialized shoes for our off road pursuits. Problem is, trail surfaces vary a lot more than road. Running on a sandy trail is a lot different than running on a path that is actually a serious of small boulders. Can one shoe effectively take on all terrains?

Mizuno says…

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A Week In The Life

A Week In The Life

2014-8-2-headerThis past week my niece was in town to visit. My number one goal is the the BEST Auntie Ever! I don’t get to see her often so when she visits I drag take her along with me on all my fitness adventures and use the opportunity to try new things. Basically, she gets to live a week in the life of Auntie Tiffany. So here is what last week looked like:

Sunday – God, Family, and Lord of The Rings


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The Art of Fitness | INKnBURN Review

The Art of Fitness | INKnBURN Review

2014-7-31-disclosureI run. I love CrossFit. I blog. Therefore, I review a lot of different fitness apparel brands and I have a lot of really good stuff. Of all the clothes I’ve gotten sweaty in, there is one brand that stands out to me…excites me…and makes me gladly part with my hard earned cash.

Have you tried INKnBURN? 2014-7-31-inkburn-art

Healing Mandala Racerback Tank (silky) and Cherry Blossom Shorts (discontinued – wah wah).


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