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When I Have Money

When I Have Money

When I have money…I want to sign up for all the races.

It’s just a 5k. I can do like 4 of those a month! More if there are Saturday & Sunday races!

When I have money…I want to buy all the run gear.

Imagine how much MORE running I’d do with a new sports bra. And shoes. Or those compression socks. And a new pattern of my favorite Ink N Burn shorts.

When I have money…I get fancy ideas.

I need a…

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Beat Your Impossible

2014-9-29-Disclosure Statement

Today is about beating the “impossible” and some cool new technology that lets you do heart training without a chest strap! What?!

Well, before I get into all that I want to share a story about how I beat my impossible.

My impossible was my first mile. I’m not talking about a first sub 6 minute mile, or 7 or 8 or even 9! I’m talking about just being able to run continuously…

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Working At It Is Worth It

Working At It Is Worth It

I lied to you yesterday. The Moxie photo said it was Day 3 of her morning runs. It was Day 4. Today was Day 5. Moxie’s longest run streak! We only did one mile….


She can be so sassy sometimes.

Running Moxie every morning this week was not fun. We did at least 1 mile, Monday through Friday. Most days more. She wasn’t always very cooperative. I may have cursed at…

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October Trail Fun

This week has been great for morning runs with The Mox! Just 1 mile today. I have 2.4 miles to bike to work in about 15 minutes….2014-9-25-moxierunOkay, so I couldn’t be more excited for September to be ending! Not just because I’m looking forward to getting this next weekend over with, but because October is going to be so much fun.

What’s with this weekend?

I mentioned previously I’m working at a Lorna Jane…

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Moxie’s Morning Run And Stuff

Moxie’s Morning Run And Stuff

How many shots does it take to get Moxie to look at the camera?2014-9-22-moxie-collageThings have settled down, schedule wise, and I have a morning run planned with  Moxie every day of the week!

This morning I imagined taking her for a 2 mile jog but I failed to plan a route. I went what I thought might be close to 2 miles, winding around in our neighborhood, but it was only 1.2. We’ll fix that tomorrow.

I am keenly…

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What If?

I don’t like to play the “What If?” game when it comes to things in the past. If I’m doing that, it means I’m battling regret and unforgiveness. However, when it comes to the future…I play “What If?” quite a bit. You and I could make a thousand different decisions this week. What if one of them turned out to be the beginning of something new and amazing?


Here is a recent photo of Moxie. She’s…

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Fitwall | Fitness in 40 Minutes

Fitwall | Fitness in 40 Minutes

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Fitwall.

2014-9-15-fitwall-reviewI know I JUST wrote the teaser about this last week, but I’m eager to tell you all about it! The workout was intense but fun! I felt like I was playing on a grown-up’s jungle gym and yes, a few days later I’m still store. I’ll share my experience and try to cover any questions from my previous post.

Right off the bat, I’ll…

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I’m Going to Hit the Wall

I’m Going to Hit the Wall

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Fitwall.

Sorry, this isn’t a post about running marathons! 

My plans to “hit the wall” aren’t about running at all, but about a new adventure in fitness! This Saturday I’m going to try a new kind of workout, one that collects data about my body so I can enhance my workout in real time. It’s called Fitwall. [Cue short but awesome…

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WIN Detergent vs The Sweat Smell


Disclosure StatementSweat is good when you’re working out. It’s not so great when it sticks to your expensive performance gear and embeds it’s odor into the fibers. You pull out that nice technical top, fresh from the drawer, but it smells like day old…well, YOU. Blech. What can you do about that?

WIN Detergent vs The Sweat Smell

I used to surrender any items that couldn’t shake that stank to the cleaning…

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Hutch’s Next Chapter

Hutch’s Next Chapter

Fun news and some changes to my life. This is a pretty personal post but an update on running, working in fitness, and some questions for you (my sounding board) on possible next steps.

Less running more cycling.

Never thought I’d type those words. A while back I wrote about running with Up And Running Again, a charity program training at risk youth to complete a half marathon. It was going great…

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AMRAP Bars Review and Giveaway

AMRAP Bars Review and Giveaway #raisethebar #AMRAPNutrition #sweatpink @AMRAPUSA

2014-9-4-disclosureWhat are AMRAP Bars?

Well, let’s start with just bars in general. Why do people eat food mashed up into square bars and packaged in a wrapper?



Bars are portable food. If they are “health food” bars (as opposed to candy bars), they should provide nutritional benefits to help you keep up with your active-self!

2014-9-4-amrap-bikeThere are all kinds of bars [click here to read a review of some I’ve tried…

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Boudin Bread Art Comes to HB

Boudin Bread Art Comes to HB

Everything good in my life comes from TheValentineRD these days. I swear. I won an awesome LiveWell360 bag from her. She recommended great places for me to go in Napa. AND she also tipped me off to a free dinner at the new Boudin SF in Huntington Beach! It opens tomorrow and it is delicious!2014-9-3-boudin-front

Before the Grand Opening tomorrow, Boudin SF gave away free lunches and dinners for if you reserved a spot…

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30 In Napa with Friends, Food and Wine

30 In Napa with Friends, Food and Wine

Last weekend I celebrated 30 in Napa with the only two friends I’m certain to have for life.2014-9-2-fortune

Heather’s witty sarcasm and Remy’s relaxed embrace of all things adventure were just what I needed my senior year of college. We’d chat about our future plans at Dave & Buster’s every Thursday night. There was usually beer and the occasional splurge on shots!


In our 20s.

In our 20’s, we ate Starbucks…

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Guest Post: Strength Training by Ariana

Guest Post: Strength Training by Ariana

2014-9-1-napa-teaserI’m home! I hope everyone is having an awesome holiday weekend. I just got back from a trip to Napa Valley and I’ll be sharing all about the wine and food on the blog tomorrow.

For today I have an awesome guest post from Ariana! She is a personal trainer and has a great strength training circuit for runners! Last week we had a Run This Twitter Chat with TOPO Athletic that talked all about…

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Top 10 Running Drills For Speed And Efficiency

Guest Post: Top 10 Running Drills For Speed And Efficiency #runthisyear #sweatpink

2014-8-29-livewellbagHappy Friday!

So I’m flying to Napa today to taste ALL the wine! Ha. I’ve been dreaming of this trip for a long time! (I’ve been to Napa 2x but never had time for wine tasting. Always running.)

Anywho, I have a very cool guest post about running drills from Mercedes who blogs at Perpetual Awesomeness

Before I hand it over to her, I wanted to thank Melissa (TheValentineRD) and Live Well 360for…

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